Escargot MSN no audio?

I installed Escargot MSN version 7.5 but I hear no audio whatsoever. All the audio settings are on. What am I missing? Please help and thanks!

what do you mean by audio? voice calls or program sound? if its program sounds, make sure they’re in the same folder as the program files, and they are set correctly in windows’ sound settings, if its voice calls, they dont work unless the other caller is on the same ip address

Voice calls don’t work unless both parties aren’t behind a NAT/firewall. They work on the same IP/network as that isn’t affected by that stuff.

Weird that MSN 7.5 out of the box doesn’t have the sounds set though. Might be that the Windows sound settings got messed up during installation (C:\WINDOWS\System32\mmsys.cpl -> Sounds).

you couldve just used control panel > sounds but sure i guess