Escargot MSN 7.5 incorrect password?

I signed up for Escargot and downloaded the pre-patched Escargot MSN 7.5 but when I log in with the credentials, it says incorrect username/password. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m just a beginner lol

Nah, not your fault. I should probably make this more apparent, but the older MSN clients (this includes 8.x) have trouble logging in with accounts that have passwords that are greater than 8 characters. You’re going to have to reset your password (assuming you registered with an actual email address anyway) and shorten it to that length at least.

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I tried to reset my password and it says that the email was sent, but I never received any email??

I just made a new account with just 6 password characters, and the issue still persists? I did tick the “allow MSN clients 4.x and below” box though. Let me try another one without ticking the box

Accounts should work on 7.5 with or without old MSN support enabled. Also should’ve asked this before but what OS are you using to run MSN on?

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Windows XP Media Center Edition on VMware, I could also try it on my Windows XP Professional VM too?

Okay I just tried it on my host machine which is Windows 10 and it works just fine, funnily enough. So why won’t it work on Windows XP?

Windows xp seems to have problem connecting to the escargot servers due to the server not supporting the encryption xp likes by default. there’s workaround for this see:

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Yeah I just saw that and I disabled SSL 2.0 and 3.0 and enabled TLS1.0 and the problem still persists, however when I try that on the Internet Explorer, it says the page can’t be found with the 404 error, however when I try to login to MSN Messenger, the issue still persists, even after reboots etc.

you get certificate error? if yes download and install this file rootsupd201812.exe (575.5 KB) (this helped me)

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ah yes I tried to download it from a dropbox link but it gave a 404 error so maybe it was taken down, I’ll try the file now

sadly the problem still persists even after installing the certificates, and the date/time is also correct and properly synced with my host machine

okay I managed to finally sign in. it’s weird because it took so many attempts to do it. I wonder if I sign out, if the problem will persist and take multiple attempts?

Lol yeah that’s a thing with MSN on XP for the time being. Should’ve mentioned it earlier but I guess I just forgot. :stuck_out_tongue: We’re hoping to at least cut that inconvenience in half in the future so you won’t have to drudge through failed login attempts every time.

BTW sometimes when you sign out and immediately log back in, you might get in on the first try, but it’s not guaranteed for the most part.

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so do I just keep trying till it works yeah? just spam the login?

yes you do

perfect cheers pal