Escargot Licensing Question


I was just wandering, i do not see anywhere a licensing file for Escargot MSN server, soooo… what is the current licence status(beside that this is opensource for the most part…) ? GPL? GNU? Ect…? I did not found any reference in the source nor on the webpages…


there is the source code by valtron on the internet,
so i don’t know

open source?


Here is the Escargot server code on Gitlab: :wink:


We will select one license soon.


Andreso 2145: I was aware of the open source. And the source location. The question was not that, but thx anyways.

Deathlife 23: The opensource not means automaticly that you are using as you want it, it needs a licence to know how people can use the code…

Trisranleboss: I am waiting for it…