Escargot is making progress!

Hi guys,

As many people who has seen mi first topic and the replys, knows that I’m not an Escargot Dev, but I like to help them, and as I told to us, I will try to improve the Escargot SSC(Server Source Code) for releasing earlyer the WLM 2009, 2011 and 2012 versions.

But, one of this days, I went to the Escargot website to see how many people was connected, and, yay! In that day I detected 1024 online! And I told to me “wow! Escargot is making progress!”, then I went to see the news, and this was what I saw:


  • WLM 8+ support rolled out for our MSN AppDirectory server, courtesy of tristanleboss


  • We have an official MSN AppDirectory server running and configured for normal use on MSN 6 - 7 (WLM 8+ support will be looked into soon). You can drop the custom made MSGRP2Ps now. Currently supported applications include Web Sharing (made by none other than Jonathan Kay) and an official MSN application by Microsoft named File Sharing (from what we can gather it’s a bit cooler than the built in file transfer feature). If you’re already on MSN, log out and log back in to get in on the goods. If you aren’t, go try them out and enjoy yourself.

This things that are making Escargot are very pretty, and I hope they make better and better things!

Thanks for visit my topic!