Escargot is down?


I have been tried on my mobile network, and my internet at home PC and mobile, but not works. have 80048821 error.

Suggestions for Escargot. (don't put versions of MSN or WLM

Yep, It’ll come back soon (some hours later o less), don’t worry.


Oh okay, thanks the info! :slight_smile:


That happened to me too. I hope you come back soon. And why did this happen?


I think it’s the same problem of the last month.


But when that happened the @valtron was on the active side. And he’s on vacation, hope he can at least fix it :disappointed_relieved:


Server problem again. @valtron pleass reboot the server!!!


I hope at least he sees it! :anguished:


He logged in on the foroum a day ago


I hope he can log in today as well. At least someone should have control of the server while he was on holiday so no unforeseen event of the kind :confused:


Well right now I can login, but on my phone doesn’t seems to be worked yet, hope they working on it, and we get WLM8 :slight_smile:


Works now. With WLM 8 works???!!


Not yet. , btw if anyone wants to add me feel free,


i was like :rage: 4.7 still won’t work

then i remembered “oh wait, 7.0 doesn’t work because escargot is down so i just made a new account so was that account actually created?”

yes i have a lot of random thoughts