Escargot has 100k users! [late annoucement edition because a serverop-isnt-posting-it-themselves-but-i-have-a-relation-with-them-i-think]

Yes, that is right, on our services at escargot, throughout the 3 years of this servers life, we have achieved (just over like a thousand as of this post) 101,391 and (obviously) counting

we don’t have the number of accounts on the site, but hey! we’ve still reached it!

yeah thats all i can say since im not on the server team due to having complex timings for things

oh and i've seen how many people have md5 enabled, its over 35%, that's honestly disappointing, but it *was* your choice when you decided to enable it when you wanted to make your escargot account, after all.


So guys we did it, we reached 100k users.

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