Error with youtube tabs on wlm

umm, i have a problem with teh youtube tabs on wlm:

Problem description: i tried to access youtube on wlm but a script error pops up, i tried to download the reg for fixing tabs before accesing it but the error still pop up…

Error code/error message: el objeto no acepta esta acción

What has been tried so far: i tried to reinstall wlm

Messenger version: 8.5

Windows version: 10

WLM is using an outdated version of the Internet Explorer frame, IE generally is nowadays unsupported by YouTube. Someone made a thread how to make WLM use a newer IE frame.

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i remember making a IE container which hates YouTube, it self-locks while going on YT.

On the screenshot, it’s look like YouTube is loading a New version of it (designed for newer Chrome or Firefox only).

The old version of YT must look like this one so it will work.