[Error] The following message could not be delivered to


Greetings everyone, this problem has been happening to me for some time now. It doesn’t happen every time, but quite often.

Some messages don’t send like this. Is it only me? Or is anyone having the same problem?


Have you been using ink/handwriting/drawing in any form in that Messenger session, to any contact? If so, this is a known bug and you have to restart Messenger to fix it.


hey unrelated but message meeeeeeeeeeeeee


ink works for me because i am running vista


That might be the case because I have used ink.

Sadly no, restarted MSN and still happens.


Actually now it is happen even more…


what version of windows are you using?


Windows 7 (Filler)


is windows journal enabled (add or remove windows components > tablet pc features)

also can we talk on your emotiworld account? i have journal on by default, so it might work


I don’t see something such as (Windows Journal) but I saw Tablet PC Components and it is checked.


hmm, it should work, must be a newer version tho, that messenger does not support


I’m not sure what you are in about anymore. What should work? Do you mean the writing? If that’s it, dude you are missing the point. Re-read please.


yes i do mean writing, it works on my computer… so i dont understand how, even with tablet features on, it does not work


You’ve gone off topic buddy. This topic is not about writing, it is about messages not being delivered.


still about handwriting, however what i think is the problem, is that the Win7 or higher version of journal is not compatible with messenger 7…