Error logging in


Totally new here and i love the idea of getting Live messenger back in action. But now i seem to get a problem. First two times i logged in, everything went fine. But now i get error code: 81000306

Funny thing is that when i press log in, the loading spinner just starts and nothing happens. But when I uncheck the “remember password” I get that error. Another thing Is that when i copy paste in the password (like I did the first time), It converts the password to less characters than I actually have in the password.

So pressed “forget me”, and restarted the app. Now i can add email and password again, but when i now try to connect I get the error code: 800701f6

Any ideas ?

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • MSN 8,5 Norwegian - No addons other than that.


Welcome! It seems the server has some problems. i can’t connect either and other people seems to have trouble too. just wait til’ it comes back. :confused:

ok i checked it does work again. Welcome to escargot! and have fun

I cannot loggin either (N)

yeah this evening the server goes randomly up and down… nothing but wait