ERROR: Friend appears as offline and MSN crashes

Problem description: My friend just got messenger, she is online, and me too, but we appear as offline for eachother, and trying to message eachother crashes Messenger…

Error code/error message: None, crash

What has been tried so far: Restarting the program, nothing changed

Messenger version: WLM 8.5 (pre-patched) for both of us

Windows version: Windows 10 for both of us

The crash is likely because it’s trying to send e-mail since that’s the default action when the user shows as offline, and the sending e-mail crash is normal at the moment.

To deal with the offline problem, you’ll both need to sign out of Messenger and back in. That is usually enough for it to fix itself.

Thank you for answering even tho I never got to try if it works because my friend is never on her computer so I gave up, I’ll remember for the future