"Error establishing a database connection"


my website won’t load and it pops up this error :sob:
escargot spaces = brick???
aight but seriously the fuck is going on


I did secure the DB file permissions yesterday since it was apparently downloadable before then.

I’ll temporarily restore the original permissions and see if that fixes the problem.



Well restoring the DB’s original permissions and accessing the blog doesn’t change anything.

Try making a new blog now.


i dont know how to i havent used spaces in months :sob:


Guess that means your blog was created long before I changed the DB permissions.

Maybe WordPress borked something up. :confused:


no i just made a new acc idk why lmao


Oh. :stuck_out_tongue:


so yea how idk


So I decided to create a dummy space on the admin account and I also get the same error.

I’ll try restoring the DB permissions once again and create yet another Space.


So I created yet another dummy Space, this time with the (very risky) permissions set, and I’m getting the same error.

Maybe there’s something else wrong. :confused:



filler e e e e e e e e e


Checked out the error log.

There seems to be a lot of “Table doesn’t exist” errors.

And from checking phpMyAdmin, the tables WordPress complains about not finding don’t exist. O_O

Perhaps I’ll run a repair on the database and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:




So I’m currently getting a deployment version of Escargot Spaces working, with the theme and all, to see if I can reproduce or figure out the problem the actual Spaces currently has.


After setting up the deployment site, I created two test blogs on it, pre and post-BuddyPress installation, and both blogs were accessible. I then had the feeling that the database on the main site was screwed up, and from searching up the error, I can pretty much conclude so.

Guess it’s time to reinstall WordPress.


Before I reinstall WordPress though, I’ll need to back up the existing users and functioning blogs that are already in the database. Unfortunately, phpMyAdmin wasn’t cooperating with me when I tried exporting the tables, so I’ve successfully set up MySQL Workbench to remotely connect to the Escargot Spaces database, and I’ll do the backup tomorrow. :slight_smile:




Finally got to fix the bug, but it seems that the UTF-8 characters got screwed up along with it.


Like Unicode?

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