Error 80048862 (Gateway offline) on WLM 8.5 under Wine on Linux/OS X

When I attempt to connect/sign in to my account on Windows Live Messenger (running on Wine,) it opens a message saying “We were unable to sign you in to Windows Live Messenger at this time. Please try again later. Error code: 80048862” This issue also happens when running under OS X on my old MacBook. It seems like this issue may be related to the Windows XP 80048821 error, but in Wine, there is no option to disable SSL 2.0 and 3.0, nor enable TLS 1.0. I hope there is a fix, because I need to be able to talk with my WLM contacts on my Linux partition and my Mac. Any help would be appreciated! :smile:

sorry @NWinXP WLM does not support on mac os x and linux. use windows 11 or windows 7 instead

This does not answer my question. I am running on a Wine which is a compatibility layer for Windows programs, and you cannot run Windows natively on a MacBook without Boot Camp. (which requires a pirated Windows ISO.) Windows 7 is insecure as it does not get security updates, and Windows 11 does not exist. Also, WLM supported OS X at one point (although it was named Microsoft Messenger, and is not compatible with Escargot servers yet.)

call @TReKiE to solve this problem