Error 80048821 msn 7.5 windows xp

how to solve please?

Check out this topic:

I still can not solve the problem even by disabling SSL 2.0 and O 3.0!

Did you enabled the “TLS 1.0”?


What are your results from the multiple tests performed in the instructions on that thread?

How do I make MSN 7.5 pick up in Windows XP correctly? You’re giving the error 80048821!

Please review the link again, you’ll find that there are tests you can perform to see if your connection is working, as well as information on the current server issues that results in needing multiple attempts to connect.

I deactivate SSL 2.0 AND O 3.0 AND LEAVE TLS 1.0 ONLY. more when I enter the escargot test site by internet explorer of error 404 and have no way to make repair because of that error. Can someone help me?

Did you tried several times to login?


Keep on trying then. It is like a 1 in 6 chance to login

but I’m trying a lot of times and it does not work :frowning: and I deactivated the SSLS of Internet explorer 8 XP and left only TLS 1.0 enabled

Tried closing the program and opening it after you disabled that?


change your password

is totally right!

I’ve tried everything, everything and MSN 7.5 does not get XP. just got it from MSN 5 down :frowning: I wanted both MSN 7.5 NO XP!

i am using the messenger 7.5 without problems

Just spam “return” until it works :stuck_out_tongue: