Emoticons wlm2009 in wlm2012

Hello guys.

Since we all have to switch to wlm2012, i was wondering, is there any easy way to transport the old wlm 2009 emoticons to wlm 2012?
The newer emoticons on wlm2011 / 2012 realy look awfull compaired to the old ones.

I tried to modify the dll file with a resource hacker, and tried to change the standard emoticons that way, but it doesnt work.
So i assume you can only add the manualy, as custom emoticons.

Is there somebody has an complete emoticon pack for this, or somebody that has all the standard wlm2009 emoticons as gifs?
i would realy appreciate this, to have the old wlm2009 emoticons back.

Also it would be nice, if somebody could create a skin that looks very similar to wlm 2009. Or creating multiple good looking skins for wlm2012, and share them, since msn plus site does not contain any skin packs for wlm2012, only for wlm2011 unfortunatly.

The only thing I know is to google for these emoticons, and then use for example this Firefox add-on:

Then you can import, whatever you have downloaded, into Messenger 2012; “Create custom emoticons”, that is.

An example of a page where you can copy your Messenger emoticons from:
And some info about the hidden emoticons:

Hey thanks for those 2 links.
I got most of the old smileys added as customs right now.

Thank you so much :smile:

can be locked for now @TReKiE :wink: