Emoticons or "Emojis"?

In this era, where the heavy, ugly and useless things are modern (Like Skype Lol) the Emoticons are called “Emojis”, why is this? :rolling_eyes:

I really don’t understand this era, the logos before 2013 had shadows and bright, now, after 2013, are more simple, and the programs had useless updates and the programs are more heavylier, Example, before: 50 MB, after: 1GB, Seriously? :expressionless:, this “:slight_smile:” is a emoticon, not a “Emoji”

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yes they actually are emoticons, as they do not use Unicode to store each character.

Yep, I was right about there being a difference between emoticons and emoji, even though some services like Discourse (which this forum runs on) and Discord do use very similar shortcuts, but they are still output as emoji.

As an example of what I just mentioned, both services mentioned allow for the input of emoji as actual emoji or shortcuts which are usually converted into the latter (I think it’s actually a Markdown thing, which both services do use to different extents.

Discord’s desktop and web clients use the “Twemoji” font (pioneered by Twitter but other websites and web services are allowed to use it) regardless of the OS, but their mobile clients use the mobile OS’s included emoji font (so Apple Color Emoji on iOS, and Noto Emoji on Android), and I’m pretty sure Discourse uses the “EmojiOne” font regardless of (desktop) OS.

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yes it does, the links will look like this: https://wink.messengergeek.com/images/emoji/emoji_one/(emoji)
the (emoji) use the same string as you use (:emoji:)

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Yep, that URL alone confirms Discourse uses the EmojiOne font.

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