Email notifications work in MSN Messenger 7.5

i was messing around with the windows live mail desktop beta that i had just installed. it was downloading all my mail when my MSN messenger said i had new emails. so get excited if you wished they worked.

That’s normal behaviour when it comes to MSN/WLM and e-mail clients it detects. In the case of 7.5, it’s supposed to detect Outlook Express and events that happen on there, but since Windows Live Mail is a fork of Outlook Express, there must be some code in it that makes 7.5 pick it up anyway.

However, when talking about live e-mail notifications sent by the server, that isn’t possible. More specifically, it isn’t possible on 1.0 - 4.6, period, due to the authentication scheme used (technically, it expects the server to store the password cleartext to verify the challenge/response authentication the client performs, which could make those kind of e-mail notifications possible, but @valtron isn’t that crazy), however, with 4.7.2009 - 4.7.3001 (5.1), and 5.0+, it is possible, considering the benefits of them using an encryption layer to send the password to the server in cleartext, and I do have plans already set out for utilizing this for the idea of the Escargot server sending out (semi-)live e-mail notifications from the server in-session possible, and much more:

However, I think that the capability of Windows Live Mail supplying something of a similar nature can hold us over for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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why the hell does it work for the free clients
but when you actually get outlook


for some reason it doesn’t play the sound effect

MSN’s Windows Live Mail/Outlook Express notifications use the default Windows e-mail notification sound rather than the e-mail notification sound it uses when the notification server notifies the client.

i just changed the email sound in wlm mail

for some reason it says in the corner though

Because its a Microsoft .NET alert

That’s just Microsoft pushing their .NET Passport branding on everything they could find that used their SSO service. :stuck_out_tongue:

but wasn’t .net long gone or at least rebranded by the time 7.5 was out

The Microsoft .NET alerts where rebranded as Windows Live Messenger Alerts with the release of Windows Live Messenger.So it means that MSN messenger 7.5 was the last version to have the .NET alerts name.

the only thing i don’t know is if it’s because i have messenger plus pointing to WLM Mail desktop