El portal de Andreso website is now on Blogger

Being very short, InfinityFree started taking down my site 24 hours a lot of times, so my website was down, 24 hours later up but like 2 hours later down 24 hours again… Slow speed, problems and now this… :confused:

I didn’t let my site die because of this, so i totally transfered it to Blogger, it has the same domain, and the content is the same but with a new design and now will be up forever! :sunglasses: https://www.andreso.cf

And about my inactivity around here, i’m not interested anymore on Escargot or even in MessengerGeek, ya know, being here 2 years, posting and replying a lot, i got just tired. I’m still using WLM to chat sometimes, but don’t wait me to be posting here.


Self hosting FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not so good when you have shit upload speed or when your ISP decides you’re not having internet for 3/4 weeks tho ('¬.¬)

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One more that could not handle this free host any longer. Freenom did not work with me, it was working even worse than InfinityFree.

Yes, I have a website hosted in InfinityFree too and did no longer load.

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Weird, Freenom is a charm with me (except in SEO, but i did a little trick over there)

Or when those factors are combined with the fact that you only have 10 hours of electricity a day :s


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