[EDIT: DOMAIN NAME CHANGED]I created the HowToEscargot.ml website, a website for promote Escargot


DOMAIN CHANGED FOR: www.howtoescargot.ml. I created the HowtoEscargot.ml website for promoting Escargot, i created this website for publishing it in Forums, Blogs, etc. For making the people know about Escargot more easily, in some forums like mb.srb2.org if you do a thread about Escargot, the Moderators will delete your thread for “Advertising” so you only need to put the link in your signature, and that’s it! in a thread you cannot, but in your signature you can do it!, and in the forums without that restriction, publish the page too!, this is for expanding for all the Internet Escargot and making this a biggest community every minute, second, etc. So, the people what can do this, publish for all the Intranet HowtoEscargot.ml and, mission accomplished! :thumbsup: .

  • I can do this :smiley:
  • Nope, i can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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I created this website with the MSN Theme created by yellows111 and Deathlife23, credits to him too :wink:

If anyone wants to contact me, contact me via MSN Messenger: urdanetaa19@gmail.com i’m connected and available 24/7 :smiley:


You stealed my and yellows111 theme. Ask before using other people’s hard-worked things.

Ill report.

EDIT: just a joke, please credit me on the theme side


Yellows111 has bringed to me that theme for publishing it, but in a basic version :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok Alleluya for the retirement of the 15 letters limit!


Did you credit me?


Yes, look!


All the people of this community do a hard work every day :smiley:


Well, i don’t see any comment of other persons here, lel


I changed the domain for: www.howtoescargot.ml


Publishing this in all forums and Blogs will work! 100% :thumbsup:


I’m sorry Andrés but we can’t advocate spamming.


As i explained in the thread, in some forums sharing that website is considered “spamming”, but putting it in your custom Signature is allowed! so if the forum don’t allows Advertising or Spam, we can only put the page in our signature, “Issue resolved”