DuckDuckGo to Google

So… On MSN I wanted to change from DuckDuckGo to google… How I can do it?

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DuckDuckGo is privacy friendly so thats all folks!



The configuration for this comes from the Escargot server so there’s no immediate way to customize this unfortunately.

You can however prepend !g to any search query to duckduckgo and it’ll punt the search to Google.

I’ve been planning to change the search configuration to Bing or Google, mainly for older browser support, but I’m not sure how @valtron will take it.

yeah, possibly adding an option too would be fine, but i love DuckDuckGo, because it’s light on my resources (google has a few things running in the background when you browse (scripts, trackers, etc.)) and i can play youtube videos from the browser without having to goto the youtube website which has to load a lot of scripts, ads, trackers, and many other things that’d slow down browsing on lower specced stuff.