Download problem

Hi guys,
I´ve tried to download msn messenger at my parents place.
But I got the message: You have an older version of msn messenger installed and you have to unistall this version and then continue the installation of 7.0
I have do so and even search for something in the background that could still exist of a never messenger with no results…

If Windows Essentials is installed, uninstall it. It could be the cause of it erroring due to Windows Live Messenger’s prescence

You can use ZapMessenger [download] to deal with situations like this.


some times the processes run in the background. try checking in taskmanager. the list of processes will be in a windows with other information. such as how much it’s using and how it effects the cpu.


They are running windows 10 btw

yes of course @Djinn it should work. did the taskmanager help or uninstalling windows live messenger help in anyway?

I haven´t visit my parents since I last wrote, but I will definitely try all the tip I can get.