Downgraded to Windows 7

Feels epic, primary computer is still 10, but I’m using 7 for my laptop.


Good choice, but the support is going to expire on January 14, 2020 and that kinda sucks. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. Windows 7 is definitely better than 10 in terms of bugs and also user experience as it is easy to use.

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Oh that’s cool. I downgraded my secondary laptop’s OS to Windows 7 (It had Windows 10 which was upgraded from 8.1 and this in turn from rtm 8) several months ago and I prefer its user interface, but as this laptop is very resource-limited (It’s slow whether you use it with 10, 8x or 7) I had to enable the classic theme and disable everything on the performance tab. In theory it’d be better to use on this laptop Windows XP x64 but the provider doesn’t provide drivers for it sadly. Will you end up upgrading Windows 7 after EOL?

after 2024, we’'ll see…

Wait, what CPU do you have?