Don't enter here!


Another prank. :stuck_out_tongue:

(You should know it’s harmless now, right? :stuck_out_tongue:)

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It is harmless like 199999 years ago, is only for scaring people for touching things that they don’t need to touch, but they touchs anyways -.-

I assume this is your way of saying “Hurr durr you didn’t get the joke.”

I did get the joke, but I assumed that your intention was to prank your victims with the infamous fork bomb payload of, which is nonexistent and wouldn’t have made as much sense.

(And yes, I now know that your intentions were different now. Sheesh)

Nope, i know you get the joke at the start, but is really unwaited for people who does not knows what You’reanidiot is, but anyways the next time i’ll put a Flash animation that has a screamer in some part, ehh?

Oh, I see.

I think the youareanidiot thing is effective as it is, though. Really ironic. :stuck_out_tongue: