Does someone have the cs4 download link?

Hey, i am searching for the CS4 link, i didn’t found it, can someone help me?

cs4 of what software

master collection or production premium whatever

adobe master collection apparently

Adobe CS4? Isnt that going to be piracy?

Sure, it’s a outdated software, but it’s still software piracy as CS4 is not abadonware.

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does anyone even care about piracy anymore? i havent seen 1 person arrested or even ticketed by the police because of piracy

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Meh… not really.
I’m being a hypocrite because I have pirated photoshop cs5 a while back.

my portable cs6 photoshop was suspect, it deleted ignis.sys
which was a Bitdefender file

and in France?

The warez is illegal in every country, because you steal a intellectual product like if you stole a bread or a laptop in a shop.

Everybody’s torrenting illegally in their own risk. It has the danger of to get an Internet police middle of midnight, but not 100%.

Anyways, I don’t know France laws, search about them on Internet.

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i found only cracking by the way it’s food.


bruh lemme steal sum bread
** puts on mustache**