Does someone have netzero/juno account?

i need the netzero/juno account to use netzero/juno

I have a Juno and Netzero account, but just asking for accounts is really strange.

not gonna lie juno is my most favorite you can pm me if you want to, i just wanna to connect to juno

how are you gonna connect, im just curious how people on here are getting on dialup, since im trying to learn how to connect with my smartphone

welp maybe you cant but netzero/juno can connect on lan

how does that work, i thought they were dialup.

Is one of those 2?

well actually both

before they where only dial up but as time went on its now on lan, dsl and boardband

but why would you connect from another ISP

well cuz why not?

also if someone wants to connect to juno they can download the installer here:

what would you use it for if you already had internet, just wondering?

Already clicked it

i dunno maybe play with it and maybe get that norton anti virus?

if only they didnt want your address, what did you do for address, your real one or a made up one?

i dunno

See this its difficult still

one why mobile number is so hard to use?

if someone doesnt want his or her juno account he or she can pm me and give me the member id and the password