Does anyone have this iso?

ive been looking for an iso to Microsoft Internet Explorer Starter Kit 3.0 since i wanna know what the program the windows xp install music originally came from and was like. thing is i cant find a dump of it anywhere.

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Unfortunately, I can’t find it either, but if you can’t get it here, try asking around on archival reddits or something! I feel like Reddit posts usually get better answers than… messengergeek lmaooo

ill look around for it …

if you can find it i will be forever grateful

Someone who commented on one of my videos on my archive channel sent me links to the Starter Kit (though in Czech) and the promotional CD (which has the music too).

It’s also on the BetaArchive FTP, although I personally had problems trying to convert it to ISO for some reason.


Thanks for this, I have that promo CD and didn’t know about the music aspect :slight_smile:

on a side note XP’s OEM theme was leftover from millennium edition

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oh thank you so much!!!

yeah its where that (imo) legendary xp install music originally came from so i just really wanted to look into it more

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