Does anybody remember alta vista?


Because im remaking it from


I vaguely remember Alta Vista. what’s it for?


A search engine


Oh well, that’s gonna be hard to get working. you’ll need a huge database for that.


Nah it will be simple


That makes me want a shot of whiskey :neutral_face:


Google search


This cringe needs some more effective equipment…
What you would like to drink your vodka with? It’s on the house :wink:


I usually just go straight in with the strongest Irish whiskey out there. maybe even have scotch as a finish off after eating a crustless salami sandwich. :stuck_out_tongue:


Whiskey/bourbon/brandy (here, in Poland, we call all these “ruda” /roo-dah/, it means “(the) russet”) are cosiered headache-genic. Wódeczka is the key.


cool :smile:


Have fun when you realize that the search engine will need a way to crawl through the whole internet to return results. :stuck_out_tongue: