Do you have any ideas of new features for a new WLM Version?

If a new WLM Version, what features would you like to be in there ?

Based on what existing version? 16.4.3505.912 (2012)?

It’s just ideas… it’s not for any versions

It’s based on WLM2012 (if it could help)

2009 is probably the best base

make it customizable, an emoticon/avatar cropper would probably help a lot of people and more importantly make it lightweight. 2012 is a piece of rubbish with its memory leaks.


Actually, it’s not based on none versions of WLM. I’m just here to see what’s people’s ideas for a new WLM Version (which will never exists)

i think Escargot Messenger would be a better name than Windows Live Messenger.
1: why not let Escargot Messenger users (if any) talk to Escargot MSN Messenger or whatever name you want.

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i understood as much

I’m just saying that as far as I’m concerned referring to 2009 is pretty much sufficient for my opinion as I don’t need anything much else beyond what that offered.
Besides being lightweight and clean looking. If anything I’d like to see more visual customization baked in or other tools or improvements like larger avatars.
Handwriting is also kind of nice to have for odd moments you want it, another thing I’d like is an option to choose whether a copy-paste directly sends a file or just pulls up the photo share system.

I have ideas… :slight_smile: :wink:

Not necessarily. It doesn’t have the same nostalgia attached to it as Windows Live/MSN Messenger.
Perhaps if it were called that internally, but presented as MSN/Live that would be one thing, but others would probably prefer the original branding.