Do you have any 2009-ish products/projects in mind?

I’m asking because I’m doing WLM 2009 ads, and I don’t want them to always be WLM-Related… So I’m asking. Have some in mind ? Tell me !

I may promote people’s projects too :stuck_out_tongue:

(Every good ideas will receive a like :stuck_out_tongue:)


Here is an example.



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King lmao /s


what is this

I think it’s his games website

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I liked this


not mine, they’re the same fuckers who made candy crush. had a bunch of licensed games n shit

also it had news articles in like 2009 thats why i say king lmao

may i have the logo plz :stuck_out_tongue:

try to take some logos from this this for the ad like i did in mine

They cant put ads. Right rules…

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Not actual ads. Mock ads just for show or for promotion of related projects. :stuck_out_tongue:


ah fuck, i linked a broken archive brb

don’t get me wrong but turn the font smoothing on

It is turned on

I guess the font is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too light for my screen :frowning:

windows 7 is from 2009

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2008, but how about AC/DC’s Black Ice? :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: oooh, actually, no…how about Backtracks (the box set)

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I do not think that it’s normal to try to bring back 2009… Why not connect the usual advertising of modern products if you want to make the appearance of the fact that the WLM fully works?

IDK :stuck_out_tongue: