DMGs of MSN Messenger 7.5 for Mac users

Hey everybody ! I said some months ago I would upload a DMG version of MSN Messenger, so here you go ! I made it with Wineskin Winery from MSN Messenger 7.5. I also managed to make a DMG from WLM 8.5 but some messages don’t send or are not received (but it think it’s a normal problem though) while 7.5 works great. Why don’t we put them on the homepage of Escargot, so Mac users can enjoy the experience too ? :slight_smile:

English :
French :


Gr8t idea

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I tried, it didn’t work for me ;(

It could be a good idea but it’s not native with Winebottler …
better way should be to use originals mac dmg to run them but it’s difficult and not like windows to edit with HexEditor.

Problem seems to be SSL support and nobody has done this working yet.

Escargot msn server for mac