Custom Emoticons not showing for other user (setting is ON, bug)

Problem description: Custom emoticons arent showing properly to other user! when i send my custom emoticon it sometimes will only show the text, or only blank without text, in rare case, work. the show custom emoticons setting is on for both of us.
but the emoticons are NOT working properly! this happened only AFTER migrating old account to a account

Error code/error message: no message, it is just not showing up right as it used to.

What has been tried so far: unchecking and rechecking the setting, restart client, restart computer, relog in, making new emoticons,

Messenger version: Windows Live Messenger Version 2008 (Build 8.5. 1302.1018)

Windows version: Windows 10 (everything worked right in this version before)

now i have tried Windows live messenger 9, it didnt work. so i think its something to do with the accounts. i went back to messenger 2008. and make a new account, the other user recieves emoticons make on that new account but i cannot recieve their old emoticons, from their account that was from a migrated modernized account. something is wrong with the accounts that have been modernized, will we just have to make new accounts? or can we still use our old accounts?