Couldn't install programs error: OnCatalogResults: 0x80280007

i download windows live messenger 2009 from escargot chat and i have the error code
it says me Couldn’t install Programs and the error code
Error: OnCatalogResults: 0x80280007
i have windows 7 but windows 7 will ends of support
please guys solve this.
i hope @TReKiE will fix the problem


Any chance of a screenshot? But just based on the error message, it sounds like either you’re trying to install the newer Microsoft Essentials installer (which no longer works), or it was previously installed on this PC. Depending on the case, you might want to go into Programs and Features in the Control Panel and uninstall Windows Essentials if it’s installed.

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@TReKiE not windows Essentials. i download Windows live Messenger 2009 the recommended from Escargot. please try another to fix it.