Couldn't install programs error: OnCatalogResults: 0x80280007 Windows live Messenger Escargot (With Screenshot)

i downloaded Windows live messenger 2009 recommended from escargot. i probably got this error

Couldn’t install Programs
*you already Have a more recent version of windows live.
*error: OnCatalogResults: 0x80280007
*Next Steps: If you want to install this older version, first uninstall any later versions that are on your computer.
this is Windows live messenger 2009 escargot so its not windows live essentials 2009, i literally got this errors.

can anyone fix this problem? i hope @TReKiE will fix this problem at all


install windows live essentials 2009, then uninstall it

bro i download Windows live messenger 2009 the recommended!!! NOT WINDOWS LIVE ESSENTIALS!!! THIS IS WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 2009 THE RECOMMENDED FROM ESCARGOT!!!

i know, but this is only way to fix it