Could someone unblur this image

It’s a Society Awards code and link that lets you buy Youtube Play Buttons

Also, surprise

:unamused: Seriously? Why buy a play button?

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i dont know but atleast i wontnuse bots or any shit

the link seems suspicious to me.

you can search, Society Awards is the official manufacturer of the YT Play Buttons

nvm, so, its a drop of a discord gift, wont say what it is tho

Unless you have a special AI, you can’t.

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is this a troll or smth?

yes it’s a troll

try to unblur this image


and you failed

the image is way too blurry to be restored.

go call the fbi, cia or some shit and ask them

and then you’ll realize it’s a blockland screenshot with a edit of a animal crossing villager

yeah i noticed it


with my failed unblured image, i can recognize its a villager

umm, i dont think so.


how can you littearly find a animal crossing villager on this image, is it because the colors look simillar to my PFP? That’s because it’s the same villager.

if you ended up unblurring it properly, you’d probably scream at me because it’s a recolor edit. I don’t want to explain more about it.