Contacts Offline on Mercury Messenger

Problem description: I have WLM8 on Windows, but I also use Mercury messenger on Android. The idea is to be able to use it anytime, but it just doesn’t work. I can login and see all my contacts but they all appear offline, while some are actually online, away and so on (I checked on my PC). Does anybody knows how to solve this issue???PLS

Error code/error message: none

What has been tried so far: Loggin in and out from Mercury and WLM

Messenger version: WLM8 and Mercury Messenger 4.0.2

Windows version: Android and Windows 10

make sure you arent signing in with the MSNP21 protocol (which is used in WLM 2011/2012), since its unsupported on escargot

Yep I was using MSNP21, cause it’s set by default :man_facepalming:

I’ll give it a try and let you know

yeah this issue even happened to me

sign in with MSNP15

Thank you so much. It worked!!!

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anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

help me too all of my contacts go online for 10 seconds on mercury then go offline then after 10 seconds their online all of them, it doesnt stop there
i cant message my friends cuz of this