Contact List wipes after restart

so, whenever I restart my client, it automatically removes all my contacts. why?

I used to get the same problem (I have one contact only), but it seem it was resolved by itself after re-adding it (The first time, that was my contact who add me)
(Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french)

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interesting. I still get this problem. me and my friend added each other for like 10 times and we still disappear from eachother’s list :confused:

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maybe re-add all contacts and then save the entire list to a ctt list file?
doing that should make the process easier.

thank you for your reply! how can I do that? also, is there a place where i can report bugs?

Report bugs here: Escargot / Escargot Server · GitLab

I’m not sure what to say about this, though, it’s never happened to me. Usual questions, what version of msn, OS, how did you install (pre-patched, patched yourself, or one of the old portable installers that used to be on the site)?

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@turret001 you can export your msn messenger buddy list by going up to the contacts menu and then point and click on save contact list.
when ready to import the contacts go up to the same menu (contacts) and then point to and click on import contacts from file. the file it takes is .ctt

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I’m using Windows 10, pre-patched. MSN 7.5

thank you for your reply, I’ll stick with your solution for now!

I have the same problem here, i don’t know what to do…

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I’ve also seen this issue, but only once, and I assumed it was something silly I’d done. I think I noticed it when testing some of the very old Mac clients. Haven’t seen it since, will report whatever I find if I see it happen again.

If you still have the problem, please follow this: Wiki · Escargot / Escargot Server · GitLab

Fixed, it was just me being dumb.

great! is it patched now? should I re-download or something? or is it server side?

It’s server-side, no re-downloaded needed.

worked for my friends, thanks, just wanted to inform you :slight_smile:

how i can fix this?

@kayfunk Can you check if it’s still happening?

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it’s fixed for me :smiley:

I did have the same problem, but I’ll have to check later to see if it’s fixed.