Computer problems

I actually need help i have a blue screen and my computer will blow up.

not very helpful, what’s the brand? (if any), what’s the model? (if any), how old is it? what’re the specs? what happens during boot process? etc.

Literally 4 years its HP with windows enterprise on.

“HP with windows enterprise on” has no meaning at all.

You might be better served having your parents take it to a local repair shop, but if you’re looking for a “quick fix”, have a reasonable belief that you have a software problem, a spare computer, spare USB drive, and a bit of patience, you can reinstall Windows fairly easily without losing data.

To do that, you will need to build a Windows install USB drive, assuming you’re using Windows 10, there’s a tool that will do it for you. After that, you have to figure out how to boot from the USB drive (usually F2, F10, F11 or F12 during PC startup), and then go through the normal Windows install. After you select your hard drive, the installer will inform you that it’s moving your previous install to C:\Windows.old, which is where you’ll find all your files afterwards. If your PC still doesn’t work after that, you likely have a hardware problem.


i would say use rufus :stuck_out_tongue: