Communication is important (contact removal warning)

Okay, look everyone. This may hurt your feelings or whatever. This is something that has to be done whether people want it to happen or not to happen. all I want is communication even if it’s once a week. some of the people on my contact list are not talking and haven’t in a very long time. it’s time that I take those people off my contact list. even the people who are online and do not talk will be removed. I’m not saying everyone would be removed. I’m just saying the people who don’t talk while being on contact list will be removed. if a message is sent saying the person does not want to talk by having an excuse, that person will be removed immediately. little to no effort will be put into trying to keep these people on my contact list. I understand that people are busy but if people are going to use that as an excuse to not take the time to talk then fine. those people will be removed too. this may cause me to be down to one person to talk to but if that’s what it comes down to, well then I don’t care. communication is important no matter the how people do it as long as it’s in a constant state throughout the months. no more than a month should I see someone stop talking to me. If I do see so, that person will be removed as soon as I notice.

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you already blocked me so yeah


dat profile picture tho