Come join TReKiE's long-abandoned MessengerGeek IRC channel!

Time to set it up in my ZNC and chat

nice profile picture

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LOL you saw? :stuck_out_tongue:



you too

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when im looking for irc client


I mean, the URL is, so it does hint to “the good stuff.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice find :laughing:

I mean you are using a russian search engine so what do you expect

he is russian

*Anthem of Russia*

I understand that but the point is with using a russian search engine that doesn’t have as good search result control as with google you really don’t know what to expect

u mean this one?

No! Not that Soviet Union crap!

What is wrong with it Comrade?

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The heck’s an IRC?

Basically decentralized chat rooms.

It’s pretty old actually, like '80s old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, could you link it? Sounds cool.

The original post has it linked…

I think he meant the client…

Yeah @jcbug, as it’s decentralized, you’ll have to find the right network to connect to where you want to chat. That also means that there are lots of IRC clients out there. I’d suggest either XChat or HexChat. For me, personally, HexChat’s pretty good IMO. :stuck_out_tongue: