Challenge! Live with your favorite OS for 2 days

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i got AIM pls add me
screenname : TheMrInvincible

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im already using it
-for 1 year.

did i do it?

“too new” then why its possible to install xp on a 4th generation i7 Mr smart lithuanian?

Already using it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alright, so it’s either Longhorn 4074 or XP for 2 days.

This is gonna be a weird weekend.

i am using Windows XP with romanian language pack (really hard to find) and office 2003 (with that clippy boi)

recommend not using chrome 49 on xp use advanced chrome 54 on xp its more safer and updated :slight_smile:

tell me how (nevermind i found it :smiley: )

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or better yet use an OS that’s still supported by Microsoft

Dont even try to force me

I’m not, I’m trying to recommend it, as no doubt everyone has.

Or just simply avoid chrome and use a fork of pale moon.

Pale Moon is really slow…

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Pale Moon is not slow. Depending on the extensions, AdBlock Latitude and ABPrime made the browser unusable at times I used.

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Ads slow down sites.

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Use uBlock Origin, it’s better than ABPrime and Adblock Latitude, lighter and yes, it supports Pale Moon.

What operating system should i use? Take a look

  1. Windows 8.0
  2. Windows 8 Developer Preview
  3. Windows 10
  4. Windows 8.1
  5. Windows XP
  6. Windows XP Black Edition 2014
  7. Windows 7
  8. Windows Vista Beta 2
  9. Windows Whistler Build 2428
  10. Sigma OS (Customized Longhorn)
  11. Windows Vista
  12. Windows 8 Release Preview
  13. Windows 10 betas from 2014
  14. Windows 2000
  15. Windows Chicago builds from 1993/early-1994
  16. Windows Vista Build 5048
  17. Windows XP LSD ( )
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