Challenge! Live with your favorite OS for 2 days

Let’s see if you can do it :smiley:
I use Sigma OS 3.0 (Custom Windows Longhorn build)

My computer dont support windows vista, so i can’t ;-;

Well try another OS or use a vm app like virtual box

I want to try my favorite OS - Windows Vista on my i3-6100 :smile:.

You can’t, your CPU is too new.

Hahahah, I mean in VirtualBox :joy:

Did i win? i’m using xp since May :stuck_out_tongue:

Does Linux count?

But i live with Windows 7 every day.


well that’s already done for me, i just used my backup pc for a while (windows xp, one of my favorite os’s) due to a dead/dying motherboard. I just recently got a major upgrade.

I just don’t use Windows Seven Ice because systems older than 8.1 give a startup error on my PC :stuck_out_tongue:

look cool where i can download it
(maybe uh piratebay?)

You can still found it on YT :stuck_out_tongue:.

oh tnx

But only in Italian.
At least you can download other language packs via Windows Update.


The problem is…

I have multiple favorites and i don’t know which version to use…

Use all of them

17 x 2 = 34 days… so really?

you can use any os