CatOS (in development)

CatOS isn’t ready yet sadly, as it may take twice as long to develop since there is a Floppy and USB Version. It is built off of MS-DOS and will run on almost any PC. You don’t even need legacy hardware!! However, if you’re trying to use Mpxplay on this, it most likely won’t work. Don’t try running the OS from Windows, as nothing really works when you do it.

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is it possible to use it in virtualbox?

I want to know too. If it is possible I do not see the time to emulate it in my VirtualBox.

if I can not do it, I’ll do dual boot on my pc :smiley:

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I Dont think its really possible, since most virtualizing software addons require atleast Windows 2000, and its based on NT kernel, so im not really sure.

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virtualbox supports ms-dos

No, I don’t think so.

I’ll still test it though

You cannot dual boot it, as you cannot install it.

While it does run, there will be no wide screen on fullscreen