Categories list shortened


Why did they have to compress the Categories tab like that?
I could access a specific category from that menu, without the need of going to the Categories page.
But now, if I want to access a category that does not appear there, I have to go to the page and scroll until I find the category I want to enter.
Why it is harder now when it was easier before?
Change that, please.


because it’s on a mobile device. it won’t be that way on a computer.




But guess what? It is the same way on a computer!



what happend with header


And you just had to change the subject…


okay well there is hotkeys for this forum. G - C brings up a whole page of categories. the menu really isn’t needed.


Seems to be a new feature, I’ve changed it from 8 to 20, is it better now?


Yes @TReKiE


A lot better. It is not perfect, but it is better than nothing.