Can't the forum be as peaceful as it was before?


I come back onto the forums, only to see @Deathlife23 act like the disrespectful ant he is to a kid who just acted like a kid (@MSN-messengeris-cool) , on an unrelated thread of all things, all for it to be closed because he wouldn’t shut up.

Sometimes, I wish the forum was as tranquil as it was in its early days. :sweat:




before the official servers died?


no , he is talking about the first days of escargot … i think


as in before messenger reviver 2 died but this counts to


iam saying after messenger 2 dead but anyway ( he joined in Joined Dec 6, '17 so i think this is after the dead of messenger reviver 2 )


The forum peace ended on December of 2017, when i joined here on August 2017 everything was great, MessengerGeek had 300 (now, May 4 2018, has 1.542) and the people was respectful, and more things that i miss :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, it’s somewhere in between. I’m not sure about visiting this forum circa Reviver 2 (although I do remember browsing the MessengerGeek blog a few times around 2014-2015, alongside testing Reviver 2 on WLM 2012 with my mom’s account around 2015), but I do remember lurking on the forums by the time Escargot was booming (around early to mid-2017).

You do realize that I was frequenting the forums without an account pre-December, right? :stuck_out_tongue:




Quoted from my reply:


Anyways and anyways, HelloThereI’mthatguythatuseshismamaaccountxdi’mcrazyhahahahhahahahahxd


You can blame my dad for telling me her account password, since he treats me like a handyman with their stuff sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


So your mom and dad are that type of couple that says the passwords of each one


nope :stuck_out_tongue:


For a frequent lurker that really doesn’t know much of how it used to be, i still understand how it has grown, a bit drama related. I mean we had a huge issue with everyone begging for a user to be banned already, basically circlejerking, its happening a lot on this site lately even. its like each person aleast has one person they dislike/someone that dislikes them, and some just won’t shut up about it. its starting to grow a bit… uncontrollable. but there’s not really much that can be done unless everyone just starts acting better (which as the site grows, that’s gonna be impossible) or stricter rules are applied. I think the only way to bring peace is to discuss the “future of messengergeek” basically. figure out what needs to happen to bring it to a better standing.


I actually hate those with a passion, because people are basically reviving them back from the dead without knowing. That was a big issue during @Leo_Historias’ presence, and now people did it with @Deathlife23 yesterday.

In a certain thread about him, the OP thought it was a good idea to throw a bunch of vulgarities at him, which I have been loose about for the same contrived “freedom of speech” reason @TReKiE has been following for a good while. Honestly, I would’ve flagged it if I wasn’t in that “yeah whatever say what you want” attitude. And one of the replies tried to direct blame to the person who was a victim of @Deathlife23’s nonsense, which I should’ve insta-flagged.

I’ve been so worried about people thinking that words hurt me so much that I’ve basically let all the dogs loose, and I should learn from that type of thinking.