Can't start the conversation window

Problem description:
When I click in a contact the messenger start loading, don’t open the chat window and closes the program.
Error code/error message:

What has been tried so far:

Messenger version: WLM 8.5

Windows version: Windows 10

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hey welcome to community, about your problem, windows 10 is not good with old programs, you have some computer with windows 7?

Excuse me, WLM 8.5 works perfectly for me

so what the problem of he?


WLM 8.5 works 100% with windows 10

I and another get this problem as well.

On some computers it works, on others it quits. Why?

Oh we fixed it by adding each others emails (after deleting original contacts fully) and then signing out and signing back in again- then the contacts online status was shown (the person logo next to contacts name turned green) & we were able to message each other.

Hope that helps!

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