Can't login to my account

Problem description: I entered my password, as usual. And Messenger says it’s wrong. So, I requested a reset email for my Escargot MSN login. Then, changed my password and Messenger still says it’s wrong. I’m sure it’s the password that I just created. Hope you can help me :S. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Error code/error message: 80048821

What has been tried so far: Password reset, carefully typing password.

Messenger version: 8.5

Windows version: Windows 7 Enterprise

I suggest using a password that’s 8 characters long at maximum, as I dealt with the exact same problem when I registered for Escargot and tried to log in with 8.5. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed the password again, but I keep getting the same error :S

Try multable times signing like 10 times!

I have created 4 accounts, I have changed the password but I still get a message that says the Windows ID is incorrect or does not exist. :frowning: