Can't log in

Problem description: Basically what it sounds like, I can’t log in neither on messenger mercury nor msn 7.5. I haven’t manually logged out on mercury but when I tried to log back in, it told me that my password was incorrect, even tho it was remembered. I tried and tried but couldn’t. Then I tried logging into the website and the same thing happened.

Error code/error message: this is the error that showed up on mercury

What has been tried so far: The only thing I’ve tried, besides trying to log into both versions of msn, is making another account, which let me sign in, not on my old one which is:

Messenger version: mercury messenger latest/msn 7.5

Windows version:windows 10

did you put a password less than 6 characters? and did you put msnp15?

yup, it’s working with my new account, but not my original one, which is a bummer bc I had like 200 contacts

is your password even correct? try resetting it

the problem is that I can’t even log into my escargot account on the escargot website

i have no idea, is your email correct?

yeah, it was weird. I was logged in and everything, and this morning when I tried to open mercury all of this happened

yeah, i can’t fix this, i’m not an expert on this stuff


tbh using of WLM on mobile phone isn’t a great idea, specially when protocol wasn’t updated for years. i’d like to use XMPP as daily driver with WLM bridge. For Android, i recommend, for iOS - “Monal”

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