Can't hear iconic sounds

When i log-on to MSN i cannot hear the iconic sound is it broken? :thinking:

setup manually from control panel


MSN Messenger does not have a login for when the client logs in, only people on your buddy list.

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hi, @90skid93 what version of MSN messenger do you have?

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hi @90skid93, I heard your version about MSN messenger so I’ve recommended you install Windows live messenger 2009 so there is no way to fix iconic. I’m recommended you uninstalling 7.0 and install 2009 immedately.

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Why can’t it be fixed? I would rather use classic MSN.

hi @90skid93 the MSN messenger classics could not hear any iconic sounds. so if you want to use MSN messenger classic in other windows old versions. use windows 95 or 98 or 2000 or windows me or windows XP. it is strongly recommended you uninstall 7.0 and install Windows live messenger 2009 immedately

dude its their option if they want a older version


sorry. i was talking to @90skid93

no I’m talking to YOU about how your talking to @90skid93 to upgrade to WLM 2009.
Maybe they don’t want the Aero GUI?
Maybe they don’t want new features?
Maybe even they prefer the old stuff?


agree with you