Cant connect to escargot (Windows XP)

Problem description: I cant connect to escargot with patch version

Error code/error message: 80072f7d

What has been tried so far: Install different versions and force the connection

Messenger version: 7.0

Windows version: XP


Tldr: Don’t use XP, it’s old.

hey its my pc, my rules


Go ahead and waste time installing 11 years of updates since SP3.

Yes go ahead, Harrass people because they are using old software, TORTURE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING WHAT THEY WANT AND OR LIKE >:(


@icanttellyou Heresy! XP works perfectly.

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And those 11 years of updates take less then 2 hours to install, mind you :stuck_out_tongue:

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true that

Also, WLM works fine on my XP machine?

Got any firewalls or anti viruses on?

weird msn 7.5 works for me on xp

Happens to me as well. I just have to keep signing in until it finally accepts.

only avast, does avast interrupt msn

avast don’t interrupt MSN for me