Cannot sign to Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302

I can´t Login to my Escargot-MSN Account on Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302. I have Windows 7. I already reset my Password but this not helped (on Escargot `MSN Server). I have looked to the Status of the NET. Service and the program says he´s not connected with the NET. Service, but I have downloaded from Escargot MSN Server the pre-patched Version. I Need help. Can you help me??? :smiley:

install windows live messenger 8.1 and try again

To get a better idea of the problem, what error code and error message is displayed when sign in is attempted?

Uninstall WLM 8.5, install WLM 8.1 and log on, now upgrade to WLM 8.5 and enjoy

OP never specified the error code. Stop jumping to conclusions. :expressionless: