Cannot reduce my harddisk on Windows XP

Uh… Recently I tried to use that old stuff, that I had mentioned in other posts(a 1999 laptop with Windows xp)… And I tried to reduce(500 MB) the disk for installing Windows 98 SE in that old laptop, in another partition… But… When I right click on the harddisk… It doesn’t show me an option to “reduce” the harddrive… Could someone helo me, please?

I’ve got a Windows XP Professional SP3 with a harddisk with 9,37 GB

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I am legitimately trying to understand what you are asking but I believe you want to modify the size of a partition… you can do that using Diskpart


Huh? I didn’t know that… Do I only have to write in the “run” box… Diskpart, right?


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OMG, thank you so much… I’ll try Next day because it is late and I’m tired… I’ll Tell you if It worked Next day

Make sure to do a quick google search on how to use it so you don’t potentially destroy one of your drive partitions

I tried to search. . . But, google sais that if I do that I’ll have to format my harddisk? Any idea to help me?

Just backup your stuff.

What about my OS? I don’t have the Win XP Pro SP3 cd with the key…

Unfortunately the shrink partition feature you’re looking for didn’t exist until Vista and even then, it doesn’t do FAT32 partitions. When PowerQuest’s Partition Magic came out offering the shrink option for the first time, it was a huge deal. You could hunt that down as an option, as it was from that era you’re dealing with.

But given the situation, the easiest/best choice is to use a spare USB key, put a Linux distro on it (Ubuntu for example), then boot up on it and use GParted which has all these functions.